Training Style

Machines don’t allow you to train for everyday movement but functional & core stability training does.   I like to think of functional training and core stability as integrated whole body training for your lifestyle.

Functional training is a method of preparing one’s body for everyday life.  Training is done in three planes of motion using multiple muscle groups to stimulate life movement patterns and to strengthen the body.  This type of training integrates flexibility, balance, core, strength, and power.

Core stability training focuses on the group of muscles that support and sustain body posture and movement.  These muscles are essential to proper body function and balance.

This training may use your body weight and “fitness toys” such as resistance bands, weights,  Dynamax balls, kettlebells, Bosus, stability balls, ropes, agility ladder, medicine balls, trampoline, kettlebells, and TRX Suspension Trainer.  Below are some descriptions of the equipment that  one will use.

trx training coachTRX Suspension Trainer — This piece of equipment enables you to control your body weight against the force of gravity in various planes of motion.  Through the use of multiple muscle groups, you will simultaneously improve strength, balance, flexibility, core, and joint stability.

kettle bell trainingKettlebell Training — A kettle bell is a weight that resembles a cannon-ball with a handle.  Kettlebell exercises,   when properly used, requires one to both use their core and total body strength.  They are an impressive tool to boost conditioning and develop great strength and stability.

fitness trampoline training

Fitness Trampoline — This is a cardiovascular workout that is 68% more efficient than jogging (it burns the same number of calories) without any pain or stress on joints while improving balance, coordination, and muscle tone.  We often use this to add short bouts of anaerobic cardiovascular training into your strength regime.