Postnatal Training

postnatal fitnessI am certified to help mothers in this transition. After childbirth it is time to slowly regain fitness levels and become strong to carry your child with ease. Most importantly we focus on improving the core muscles/abdominals that have become weak and stretched from pregnancy which will also improve bladder control.

Exercise for postpartum woman helps:

  • increase mental well-being
  • increase bone mineral density
  • improve/prevent post-partum depression
  • reduce menopausal-like symptoms if breastfeeding
  • improve poor posture from pregnancy and then breast feeding

Also, moms don’t have to worry about a sitter, they can bring their baby to the studio while working out and if the baby becomes fussy Rachel can hold the baby. After the baby can hold their own head up, moms can learn a full body workout to do at home using their baby as their weight. The workout is not only safe but a fun and intimate way to bond with your child.