About Rachel

Mom of two girls with the mission to teach my children a love for taking good care of their health.  I have been interested in health and fitness since I was a teenager.  I loved sports!  I loved witnessing the body’s amazing athletic abilities and repeatedly finding the body surpassing expectations and achieving whatever the mind desired.  I also had this huge interest in the mind body connection as well as how many complementary therapies helped people heal.  I would read books on how one’s beliefs played a pivotal role in one’s health. I also read books on different healing modalities like homeopathy, acupuncture,etc.   I decided I wanted to study this mind-body connection and therefore majored in Psychology while also doing the pre-med track at college so I could become a holistic medical doctor.

Right before starting medical school I had to pull out because I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease.  This evolved into both an acute and chronic battle that impacted my life for twelve years.  I discovered when my body is ill, exercise functions as a spark to help me reclaim my health.  It gave me a sense of empowerment that I could still move and feel healthier and stronger in the moment despite feeling exhausted and in pain.  It also allowed me to be an active participant in healing and feel like I was helping myself physically get better.

During this healing process I discovered how complementary medicine worked well with traditional allopathic medicine.  It seemed both were needed to heal from Lyme.   I decided that medical school was not the way for me but still wanted to stay in the health field and ultimately do something connecting the mind, body, and spirit..

Since taking care of myself through exercise had been instrumental in my own healing I wanted to help others do the same.  I wanted to inspire and witness the transformation of other individuals as they overcame their own obstacles, whether personal, psychological, and or physical.  It has been such a pleasure to watch clients find their own strength, appreciation for the body, and to take control of their wellness and lives.  

I felt like personal training involved more than the physical as I got to look at the person as a whole.  I could support each client in evaluating how they were living their life and how they could make better healthy choices.  Each client I have been given the gift of getting to know them and all aspects of their lives.  I loved that I was more than a personal trainer, but more like a supportive friend and coach.

I still had this yearning to bring more of the mind body connection into my business.  When I was introduced to The Emotion Code it seemed to fit this desire.  So often our past experiences and our emotional baggage is weighing us down.  This results in self sabotage and us being stuck in unhealthy patterns and developing physical symptoms.  I loved the Emotion Code because it is a safe, non-invasive method to help people release their trapped emotions and restore the imbalances in the body.  There is a magical synergy with Emotion Code and fitness as they both allow the body to energize, find balance and strength, and to restore to one’s optimum health.


University of Massachusetts, B.A. in Psychology (Pre-Med) Summa Cum Laude
Two-time collegiate All-American Rugby Player


Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP)
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)-Certified personal trainer
Moms in Motion Specialty Certification-(SCW) Pre/Post natal training certified
American Council of Exercise-(ACE)-Certified in Lifestyle & Weight Management
Sunshine Fitness Resources -Urban Rebounding Instructor
Cross Fit Kettlebell Certification-Level I
SCW Hands on Personal Training Certification
SCW Certified Water Aerobics Instructor
TRX-Suspension Instructor