Post-Rehabilitation Training

post rehab personal trainerOften insurance discharges people from physical therapy before they are 100% recovered. In fact, insurance can only focus on the injury itself so often times one will discover when they start training the whole body that other muscles are very weak. The focus is on a comprehensive fitness program that includes cardiovascular, flexibility, balance, core stability, and of course resistance training. One continues to rehabilitate while also preventing future injuries and becoming stronger and more physically fit.

I have extensive post-rehabilitation experience because I worked directly with physical therapists for many years to understand the body in greater depth and to ensure proper exercise progression. Clients with what were deemed challenging diagnoses such as Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, stroke, back and knee problems were always delegated to me. I have also worked with many clients with knee and or hip replacements. I continue to study and work directly with each individual’s therapist to provide the best quality of care and program development.